Terms and conditions

  1.  The Rules

1.1 The Rules of the “Mafalda B&B” accommodation in Lipari (ME) is established to guarantee all a solid, orderly, serene and peaceful use. The request to stay in the structure and the acceptance of this request by “Mafalda B&B” implies total acceptance of the present rules.

1.2 Failure to comply with these rules and further provisions of the Management of the structure involves the expulsion from the structure of the violator and the reporting of the fact to all national and international tourist organizations, including to public authorities in case the non-compliance could possibly lead to presume the commission of a crime.

1.3 All the specific indications given on the signs placed in the property area must be respected and/or of relevance to the structure.

1.4 Parents (or whoever legally exercises parental responsibility) are responsible for the actions done by their minor aged children inside the structure and are required to supervise them and make sure thatthey maintain a polite and respectful behaviour towards others, under their own direct responsibility and, in particular, regarding to the obligation to respect silence and the correct use of the bathrooms, which cannot be considered as playing or meeting places, and of the equipment installed available by the structure for its guests. Any activity that may cause disturbance to the other guests is prohibited. In general, all the rules of the present contract regulation should be respected.

1.5 The behaviour held by both adults and minors is considered contractually relevant and, therefore, any violation of the rules of the present regulation and of the common rules of civil coexistence and good performance of the structure will lead, according to the contractually delegated judgement, in an irrevocable way to the management, the immediate termination of the contract, by fact of the guest and the departure from the structure within 3 hours of the contestation of the facts. In this case the management of the structure is entitled to withhold the amount already paid and to demand the remaining amount.


  1. Acceptance

2.1 – Upon arrival, guests must give their documents to the reception and fill in the Public Safety form. The choice and designation of the place is totally at the discretion of the management of the structure.

2.2 – The minors not accompanied by people of full age will be accepted only if in possession of a release signed by the parents (or by whoever legally exercises their parental authority), with their telephone number of availability and copy of their document.

2.3 – The Management, as required by the current laws of the Italian Republic, has the right to expel without notice anyone who does not respect the rules or behaves in a way that creates damage or disturbance.

2.4 – The rooms of the structure are available from 2.30 pm on the day of arrival and must be left by 10.30 am on the day of departure. Rates are per day, regardless of the time of entrance.


  1. Water

3.1 Water is a precious resource for every community and it is even more for those who live or are guests of an island. It is absolutely forbidden to use water for improper uses. The use is only allowed for primary uses (personal hygiene). The guests of the structure will take care to avoid any form of waste.


4. Dogs and other animals

4.1 Dogs, cats and other animals are not allowed in the structure.


  1. Breakfast and Hygienic Food-Safety

5.1 Breakfast is eaten in the breakfast room, located near the reception.

5.2 Hotel guests are not allowed to bring food and drinks of the breakfast to places other than the special rooms used for (room service).


6. Reception and Cashier

6.1. The bill must be requested and paid on the day of arrival.

6.2. The Reception/Cashier is open at the following times: 08.00 am / 9.00 pm. Credit cards and the ATM system are accepted.


  1. Departure

7.2 The bill must be requested and paid on the day of arrival.

  1. Use of the structure services on the day of departure

8.1 Customers can use the hotel services within the maximum release time of the rooms, or by 10:30 am on the day of departure.

  1. Doctor- Infectious Diseases

9.1 The telephone numbers of the emergency medical service and emergency services are contained in the list of useful numbers in the folder of the room and can, however, be requested at the Reception.

9.2 – Any infectious disease must be reported to the Management.


  1. Cleaning

10.1 – Garbage must be collected in the appropriate collection bags located in the rooms and in the bathrooms of the rooms. It is not allowed to leave garbage or anything else in the common areas.

  1. Responsibility

11.1 The Management of the structure is not responsible for the loss of objects and/or valuables of the guests (each guest is obliged to take care of the safekeeping of their personal belongings), of damages following to events of force majeure and natural events (atmospheric events, natural calamities, epidemics, diseases, falling trees or branches or products that fall within the nature of plants, gusts of wind, accidents at the sea, damage or theft of cars in the parking area and in the area of ​​the structure).For no reason, discounts will be recognized upon departure to cover any or presumed inefficiencies that may occur due to the events described above.

  1. Deposit, Balance and Cancellations

12.1 The deposit is expected to be 50% of the amount of the stay.

12.2 The balance of the amount due must be paid within the day of check-in or with certain days in advance of the day of arrival depending on the periods, the booking conditions, and the stay.

12.3 For the payment of the deposit or the total amount, the payment method is agreed between the parties according to the periods of stay (bank transfer, credit cards, and other methods of payment).

12.4 For cancellations, the entire deposit is charged and/or, in the event that the booking conditions provide the payment of the full amount with certain days in advance, the planned full amount is charged for the whole stay. 


  1. Silence, Order, Dignity and Behaviour inside the Structure

13.1 During the hours 2:00 pm -4:00 pm and 10:00 pm- 8:00 am it is forbidden any noise that could disturb the rest of guests, including a high tone of voice. The use of radio and television is allowed with extreme moderation and, in any case, in absolute respect of the time of silence.

13.2 The use of electric and/or electronic musical instruments in the structure rooms is prohibited.

13.3 Inside the structure, a decent and respectful dress code is required for the sensibility and the modesty of the guests. It is not allowed to circulate in a bathing suit or in topless.

13.4. It is not allowed to damage plants and flowers.

13.5. It is not allowed to enter in areas reserved to the personnel of the structure.

13.6 It is not allowed to throw paper and garbage outside the waste baskets.

13.7 It is not allowed to enter with weapons, knives, sticks or tools considered blunt.

13.8 The Management, as provided by the current laws of the Italian Republic, has the right to expel without notice anyone who does not respect the rules or behaves in a way that could cause damage or disturbance.

13.9 The Guard and Security Personnel commissioned by the Management of the structure, is required to enforce the regulation against anyone. Each customer in the very act of accepting hospitality in the hotel, agrees also contractually to submit to the Authority of such staff, that is however obliged in turn to always respect the laws of the Italian Republic and the principles, commonly accepted by our culture of courtesy and good manners.


  1. Rates

14.1 The rates are per day regardless of the time of entrance.

  1. Damages and Theft

15.1 Who causes damage to the building, movable property, equipment, etc. it is legally held responsible under the current regulations. Intentional theft and damage will be immediately reported. At the time of departure, the staff of the structure makes a check-up of the rooms and eventually decides the costs for the replacement of any damage or loss of keys, that will be charged and have to be paid upon check out.

  1. Modifications of the Rules

16.1 The Management of the structure maintains the right to modify at any time the present rules, which will be displayed at the entrance and published on the website of the structure.