Lipari: trip by land

Lipari: trip by land


The Aeolian Islands offer great hiking opportunities.Here are some of Lipari’s accessible paths.
trekking-1 CAVE OF CAOLINO – THERMAL S. CALOGERO. One of the multiple paths of the island is the one that goes from Quattropani to the Terme di San Calogero, passing the stretch of the northwest coast of the island. This area was once mined, for the rock that contains a silicate mineral clay (Caolin).
Just past the former quarries you get on a path that runs along the sea overlooking the island of Salina, Filicudi and Alicudi. This area is mostly green and you can see ancient dry stone walls, olive trees and typical Aeolian houses.
Soon after you arrive at San Calogero, you will see the oldest spas in the world dating back to the 17th century BC. The complex is located on a spring of hot water (60 °) rich in sulphates, bicarbonate and sodium that make it particularly effective to treat certain skin diseases.
Continue to the village of Pianoconte to the bus stop or continue along the ancient paths to Lipari.
The duration is about 3 hours.

trekking-7 S. SALVATORE – MONTE GIARDINA – BEACH VALLEY MURIA. This route runs south / west of the main island, initially in the stretch of road from Lipari that reaches the district Caper to head towards San Salvatore, until you reach the Vulcanological Observatory (open by appointment).
In the area grows a thick Mediterranean scrub, while on the walls overlooking the sea, populous colonies of nesting gulls. From here continue to the north, past the small 17th century church of San Salvatore and continue along the western slope of Monte Guardia, crossing the cultivated fields and vineyards, to the church of San Bartolo al Monte (17th century). Going down the carriage road you can reach the beach of Valle Muria or continue along ancient paths to Lipari.
The duration is about 4 hours
trekking-4 CASTELLARO – MONTE S. ANGELO – PIANOCONTE. From the district of Castellaro, located 10 km from the town of Lipari, you proceed along the Vallone White River, where you pass through beautiful examples of Mediterranean scrub with isolated chestnut and oak trees.
Reaching, Monte Sant’Angelo a height of 600 meters you can admire a spectacular 360 degree view over the archipelago and the village of Lipari. You can walk to the small village of Pianoconte, to the bus stop or continue along ancient paths to Lipari.
The duration is about 3 hours.
trekking-8 ACQUACALDA – CAVE OF PUMICE – CANNETO. The trail is located in the north / east of the island, 10 km from the centre of Lipari, easily accessible by public transport. From Acquacalda , the trail branches off along the crater of Mount Pilatus, consists entirely of pumice, until reaching Fossa Castagna and the red rocks, a side made up of obsidian, that flowed from the early Middle Ages, that reaches the sea.
The landscape consists of vineyards, scattered ruins of old houses and Mediterranean vegetation. Continue towards the town of Lami, and then to Canneto, along an ancient stone road, to the bus stop.
The duration is about 3 hours.
trekking-5 THE VOLCANIC CRATOR (Island of Vulcano). The Fossa di Vulcano was the scene of the last eruption of the island’s history, it occurred between 1888 and 1890. The ancient quarries of sulphur were abandoned and in their place, is now present an intense fumarolic activity, with gas emissions toxic and temperatures that exceed 600 ° C.
A visit to the crater is not considered dangerous and allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery with views over the archipelago. The trail, a short distance from the port (800) meters, is wide and is a smoother climb along the path of lava and sand that requires no equipment or special preparation. The view of the crater, the fumaroles of sulphur are spectacular and are not to be missed.
The duration is about 2 hours.

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